Why Hallelujah Night?

Let’s answer the question: Why do we do Hallelujah Night?

Every year, we pour lots of time & resources into one of our biggest outreaches of the year: Hallelujah Night. Last year, we saw over 3,500 people at both of our Family Worship Center locations! That’s an incredible opportunity to show people the goodness of God. Beyond that, there are many more reasons to answer the question: Why Hallelujah Night?

It’s Fun

We always host Hallelujah Night on the night of October 31st, which is traditionally celebrated as “Halloween.” For Christians, however, there may be many reasons why we wouldn’t “celebrate” Halloween as a holiday. Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, Christian children should have an opportunity to have safe, godly fun! As Christians, we have much to “celebrate” so we make Hallelujah Night a fun adventure where thousands of children see the goodness of God through this event.

It’s A Safer Alternative

Have you heard the rumors about laced candy that’s passed out to “Trick-or-Treaters?” How about the pranksters who wreak havoc on this night? Every year on Halloween, there seem to be countless incidents and concerns for those who are out Trick-or-Treating. We want to provide something safe for families to attend where those concerns are minimized.

At Hallelujah Night, we:

  • Have police on the premises.
  • Only pass out individually wrapped candies that have never been opened.
  • Use volunteers that have had background checks.
  • Only allow “nice” costumes. (Masks and scary costumes must be removed)

It’s Family Friendly

Why do kids get to have all of the fun? Shouldn’t the parents have some fun, too? Hallelujah Night is fun for the whole family! While the children are playing, there is food available and opportunities to meet and mingle with others. Also, there might be a few games that you’ll want to play with your kids!

Join us on October 31

Get your family ready, wear a costume if you’d like, and come out to Family Worship Center for Hallelujah Night!

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