Frequently Asked Questions

Hallelujah Night Questions

If you have any questions about Hallelujah Night, this is the place for you! We’ll try to cover everything here, but if we don’t answer your question, please contact us.

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What type of costume should my child wear?

We encourage friendly costumes. Please refrain from scary, vulgar, or distasteful costumes that might be disturbing to others. We will ask anyone wearing scary masks to remove them.

Is the candy safe?

All of the candy that we give to our children is safe. We only pass out individually wrapped candy that’s pre-packaged in bags. However, Family Worship Center is not responsible for any harm done as a result of the candy provided.

Are the rides safe?

Family Worship Center strives to make events safe and secure for the whole family. All equipment, games, and rides are tested and inspected for safety. However, Hallelujah Night is a “Play/Ride At Your Own Risk” event.

Are food and drinks available?

Hallelujah Night will have vendors serving drinks & food (hot dogs, chips, funnel cakes, etc.) which you can purchase at their designated price. In some cases, we may do Youth Group fundraisers where the proceeds from food sales will benefit our youth’s summer camp.  Availability of food and choices offered will be based on availability and location. If items are offered for free, there may be a limit per person.